Consommé with duck and vegetables 23,00 PLN
Lobster and Norway Lobster soup with guinea fowl 29,00 PLN
Salad with roast beef and cognac in pear 29,00 PLN
Goose roasted in the hay with plums 29,50 PLN
Salmon with roasted onions and sweetcorn 36,00 PLN
Beef Sirloin tartar with smoked egg yolk and snail caviar 54,00 PLN
Terrine of Foie gras with raspberries, cherries and anise 65,50 PLN
Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire – 6 pieces 76,50 PLN
Saffron Ravioli with duck confit, gingerbread and foie grass 29,50 PLN
Norway lobster with polenta, artichoke and chorizo 34,00 PLN
Vol au vent with Sweetbread, porcini mushrooms and cognac 39,00 PLN
Saint Jacques Scallops with parma ham and lemon 46,50 PLN
Half of Lobster with cognac sauce, vegetables and quinoa 98,00 PLN
Turbot with baked apple and smoked butter sauce 92,00 PLN
Atlanic Wolffish with roasted fennel and salmon caviar 76,00 PLN
Guinea Fowl with chestnuts, pumpkin purée and lavender sauce 62,00 PLN
Veal Ossobuco with roasted vegetables and thyme sauce 68,00 PLN
Wild Boar with plum,sunflower and red pine mushrooms 79,50 PLN
Deer Medallions with rhubarb and rose 89,00 PLN
Beef Tenderloin Wellington 92,00 PLN
Lamb Chops with broad bean, tomatoes and mint 120,00 PLN
Sorbets of Cyrano de Bergerac 21,00 PLN
Crème Brûlée with Bourbon Vanilla 25,00 PLN
Chestnut cream with crumble and plum 28,00 PLN
Chocolate fondant with cherries 30,00 PLN
Selection of French Cheese 46,00 PLN