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The building at 26 Sławkowska Street which houses Cyrano de Bergerac in its cellar has a nearly five-hundred year old tradition. The tenement-house was built within the Northern part of the city’s fortifications raised in 13th-14th century to repel Tatar invasions. The first written information about the inhabitants comes from the year 1598. It has been listed in the Register of Monuments as one of the few tenement-houses in Cracow. People of various professions lived here, among them goldsmiths, bakers and gingerbread makers. In 1841 Kazimierz Robacki, a violinist and cathedral chanter’s son established Miodosytnia K. Robackiego (Mead Cellar of K. Robacki), which started a tradition of gastronomic activity at 26 Sławkowska Street. Honey, the basic material for mead production was brought from Ukraine and Podola. It was brewed on the premises of the Corpus Christi Church in Kazimierz. Afterwards it was taken to Sławkowska Street 26 where it was warmed and enriched with special herbs and spices. Prepared in this manner, the mead mellowed in storage for several years in quarters called Korzenna which are today’s cellars of Cyrano de Bergerac. The mead cellar itself was situated on the ground floor of the building.

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  • Since 1998, on the initiative of the French Institute in Krakow and with the consent of the French Academy Goncourt , there is Goncourt prize list : Polish choice . As each year for 15 years , the official dinner of the Director of the French Institute takes place in the restaurant Cyrano de Bergerac, which acts as the Parisian restaurant Le Drouant . Every year at the end of October, the award is granted to the best French novel. The selection is being made by Polish jury of Romance philology students from across the Poland on the official list of nominees novels as published in September by the Goncourt Academy . Polish Nobel award announcement takes place at Krakow Book Fair. List Goncourt : Polish election has found its place among the most important Polish cultural and literary events . The French Institute in Krakow visitors each year two personalities: Award winner for the last year that is coming to Krakow to promote his novel and its Polish translation, and personality in the world of literature and culture, which is chaired by the Polish jury. Among the winners have come to Krakow, among other things: Pierre Assouline, Jean -Pierre Milovanoff, Frédéric Beigbeder and Sylvie Germain. Among the honorary chairmen of the jury Polish French Institute has hosted such notables as Czeslaw Milosz , Slawomir Mrozek and Julia Hartwig. Read more
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